czwartek, 26 września 2013

As Posh as The Queen's Club

Living almost doors to doors with an extremely posh world famous tennis club (see pictures for reference) full of people you meet in your nightmares finally inspired me to bring this little lovely outfit together, yay, tennis, yay sets and games!
Yeah sure - I steal this polo from my boyfriend all the time only because it's the cutest one I've seen in my life, I was at fashion week shows wearing it, because why not, and the only thing I want to say right now is thank you ebay bargains and thank you oh Konrad's ebay bidding skills.
Ok, actually, ACTUALLY, there is a couple more things. My hard work finally paid off (paid in literal sense as well) - so much is happening right now I can barely believe it.
So, firstly, .Cent - I love .Cent but sadly it's the time to say goodbye to their Bermondsey office. With school and so many other responsibilities I simply can't physically be there. Well, there are still some of my articles waiting in the queue to be published there so make sure you check .Cent's website!
Secondly, thanks to my .Cent work (I've always thought that opportunities like that are for famous bloggers only.  See, I got something not because of my blog, because of my WORK) I got hired as Gola's brand ambassador which is kind of cool because Gola as a brand is going through so many changes right now and it's becoming, errrm, cool (ohh repetition) AND I'll get to discover young British talents for them and write articles.
And lastly (because no one wants to hear about my REAL job, right?) as I said in the last post, I got scouted to take part in something really really exciting but I'm worried is this "keep your mouth shout until it goes live" kind of thing so will have to keep it to myself, EVERYONE'S DISAPPOINTED, right?

Enough talk. Enough, Dagmara. Piccies now:

sobota, 14 września 2013

J stands for jeans

18-year-old me would laugh but here I am - wearing JEANS and feeling pretty badass about it, even when they are the cheapest Zara ones still having some unwashable food and coffee stains all over them. Maybe I'm just getting old (OR BECOMING EVEN LESS COOL AND HIP) but recently trousers became my wardrobe staple and I've been wearing them nearly 7days a week since returning to London. Boring? - yes, predictable? - yes, comfortable? - HELL YES.

Well, to be fair and somehow make up for this level of un-coolness, these photos were taken in East London and shortly after making all of those seductive poses in front of a camera, I've got scouted for a one BIG and exciting project I can't tell you (yet) about so maybe hope's not lost still.

 Oh and just for the record - yes it's fashion week and yes all of my friends' twitter feeds are exploding with all the catwalk news but after two days of sorting all the invitations in the office, I'm taking a small break from being excited about it so I can be excited about it in the future, I may go to couple of shows on the last two days though, to keep my fashion self content and satisfied.