niedziela, 30 marca 2014


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I am ready to make up thousands excuses for my lack of activity here but why should I? I am actually quite enjoying being myself now.

niedziela, 16 marca 2014

czwartek, 13 marca 2014

What I Eat Is So Amazing

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As a young woman, I went through all eating patterns available - starting from a rice cake a day, through SWIMMING in cottage cheese and 0% yoghurts, ending on two pb&j bagels for breakfast. Right now, I think I've finally managed to maintain the right balance so why not show it to you? Besides, we ALL love pictures of food, don't we?

wtorek, 4 marca 2014


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For my final major project, I've been working with some unbelievably strong women and by strong I mean both lifting-weights-strong and mentally-strong. It's been tough, liberating and inspiring in so many ways I didn't expect it to be.