niedziela, 17 listopada 2013


5 days till the deadline for my final major project proposal and 2 days till my tutor wants to see a piece from my literarture review. Needles to say, I'm still not done. Ugh, anyway, this is me in-between filming couple days ago. Have fun.

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sobota, 9 listopada 2013

before the rain

My procrastination reaches levels previously unknown to humanity. In the last hour, I have:
watched A LOT of beauty vlogs, 
eaten a jar of almond butter
fallen asleep
edited some photos we took yesterday just before the rain washed away all the make up from my face and revealed how terrible my skin recently is (after I SIGNIFICANTLY reduced meat, sugar & dairy and finally tried kale in a smoothie. I mean, the universe has a great sense of humour).
So yeah, I'm going to open inDesign in a second. I definitely am. And then I will write down all the questions for interviews I'm having next week. And I will analyse my survey's results. I am definitely not going to pass out because of all the sugar I've eaten in the past couple of hours. 

Oh, and big thank you for all of you who have helped mi with my uni research so far - the fact that someone actually BOTHERED is the only thing that keeps me going. Have a look at my face as a reward, don't worry, I removed all the dark circles and blemishes:

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środa, 6 listopada 2013

Help me yet again

My dear diary,
this is the only outfit picture I've managed to take in the past couple of weeks, so here's how I look:

The thing is, I am too stressed out recently and every single minute of my existence is spent thinking about my final major project. My brainchild. As much as I want to devote all I can to it, I still have a literature review to write for my dissertation and I think I am a little bit behind on that. 

So. To make my tutor happy I need to provide her with some stats. Because, you know, that's what makes a journalistic piece exciting, right? STATS. So it would be really really really nice of every girl reading this to just fill in this quick survey and make me happy. I offer smiles, great gossip about me you can spread around and London tours for doing that. 

I am seriously brainwashed and I just really want to graduate. Right now.