czwartek, 25 kwietnia 2013

same old

Years ago, WHEN I ACTUALLY CARED, and blogging seemed a lot more exciting (don't get me wrong, it still is, but in a grown-up sense. sort of), having a strong feeling of participation in the blogging community that was so ridiculously big yet so ridiculously small comparing to what it is now, was kind of great. 
I mean, it was funny that when Zara released a cheap variation on one of Miu Miu's collection every girl that had a blog needed to rush to her nearest store and buy one but at the same time, it was really good to know that it's not only you being crazy about those tiny, white kittens playing on a piece of cheap fabric (HOW POETIC).
Uh, anyways, three years ago someone did a blog post on this dress. The post in which the picture of 17-year-old me appeared and yeah, I was OWNING IT. 
Three years later, all of those other girls from that post probably threw their blue kitty dresses away.
I'm still wearing it.
Because I'm sad like that. 

niedziela, 21 kwietnia 2013

Discover London: Street Feast

To start with and make you really hungry. A tiny video I filmed yesterday. Because, you know (or maybe not), I'm a fashion BROADCAST student, I should do broadcasty things. Sort of.

(watch it in HD)

Street Feast is basically a party that takes place in Haggerston every Friday until June from 5pm till midnight.
Party with food provided by some of London's best known food stalls such as Big Apple Hot Dogs and The Ribman. Lots of it. Sort of a dream come true.

After an hour long commute (well, at least we can say "OH, THOSE EAST LONDONERS" without being hypocrites) we finally arrived to Haggerston overground station at 7pm and as soon as we left the building we saw the first thing indicating that there is a street food festival taking place nearby: the biggest queue to tesco metro's atm I've ever seen in my life. Being a market veteran, I was well prepared with money already in my wallet, waiting to spend it on unnecessary calories so we didn't have to waste our precious time. Time we could spend eating.
The Merchant Yard, where Street Feast takes place was really easy to find and after having our bags searched (you can't bring your own alcohol. Fair enough - the bar has everything you may need) we were ready to start our tiny feast.

Piece of advice - before going check Street Feast's website and decide what you want to eat. The queues are long. You need some strategy.

Our strategy was: eat a lot of good food and share with each other so you can taste as many things as possible. Having that in mind we started from Kimchi Cult's Kimchi Burger and oh-my-god. No words Despite its bun being maybe a bit too starchy, burger and kimchi alone were just brilliant, I mean, how can they not be brilliant? Burger + Kimchi. Kimchi + Burger. Think about that for a second.

The Merchant Yard was getting busier and busier so we headed to the bar for some beverages that would keep us company while queuing for 25 minutes to The Ribman's stall. Being best known for his HOLY F**K hot sauce, he looks so passionate and friendly you can't help but smile while looking at piles of hot meat in front of you (doesn't sound really picturesque, does it? it was)
Oh, and let's clarify this - I've never had ribs in my life. The idea of eating them always disgusted me.
Tried them. Best day of my live. Greasy heaven. Worth every second of waiting, every day of 5-balanced meals and every minute of cardio workout.

With sun going down, the atmosphere started to be more and more party-ish but not your typical-East-London-pretentious-judgmental-looks sort of. (nearly) Everyone was so lovely I wanted to just hug them and share my food joy with the entire world.
Ok, that was pretty dramatic.


Toilets. Bar. Big Apple Hot Dogs.

Although, we tried their smallest hot dog, Pimp Steak, I nearly couldn't move after having it. Konrad on the other hand wasn't that satisfied - he wanted the most badass, enormous one with POLISH SAUSAGE (they also had Polish sauerkraut, we were thinking about begging for a discount because of the fact that we are, erm, Polish) so next time we will probably go there first with empty stomachs just waiting for some delicious food.

After three greasy courses (well. 1.5 when you think they were shared) and two bottles of Bretone cider I just NEEDED to go to Sorbitum - an oldschool ice-cream truck with lovely trader and the most velvety and creamy sea salt and caramel ice-cream I've had in life. I bought the smallest portion and took it with me to keep me company while queuing to Sweet Tooth  Factory's stall - with a perspective or an hour long journey home we decided to stock up on sugary treats. By 10pm nearly everything was sold out though but we luckily managed to buy the last slice of raspberry cheesecake and last pistacchio cupcake that we later ate at home.
Going to say that again, I don't USUALLY like both cheesecakes and cupcakes but this time I was in chocolate-y, sugary heaven. Oh, and the traders were even sweeter than others. It all made me want to cry over how shitty my metabolism is.If only I was one of these girls that can eat as much as they want and still look as if they had some sort of eating disorded, I would buy 7 pistacchio cupcakes and eat them in one go. Or one every day. Well, that doesn't matter because my life is sad (I mean, on that front) and I can't eat what  I want. SIGH.

When we left at quarter past ten there was a queue outside. I mean. What the hell. London can go all food-crazy sometimes.

Ok so apparently I have a lot to say about food. Rather sad and probably really boring so if didn't cover anything else you wanted to know just check Street Feast's website and see you there next Friday!

Time to go back to stress over my internship interview I have in 9 days. Fingers crossed. It's going to be BIG if I get it so wait for any updates.

wtorek, 16 kwietnia 2013

This one day

There's always this one day in London when temperature reaches 20 degrees and everyone suddenly decides to go to Hyde Park and act like it was last day of their lives. Guess what - it was 20 degrees last Sunday so I decided not to wear tights to celebrate and then we went to Kensington Gardens and had a little picnic there. So not original. So not Victoria Park or London Fields . IT WAS FUN.

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sobota, 13 kwietnia 2013

what I like

There is actually so little things I like I came to a sad conclusion that I'm one of the most hateful and negative people that have ever walked on earth. As for the shallow side though, I KIND of started to like wearing trousers which puts me in AGAIN really sad position of not being so unique anymore and doesn't give me a chance to see this surprised look on people's faces when I say I do not own a single pair of jeans. I do now. Three pairs to be exact.

I'm not cool anymore. 2013 is a year of not-cool-Dagmara. I tried scrambled eggs for the first time. I TRIED CHEESE THAT IS NOT MELTED AND IS YELLOW AND HAS HOLES IN IT FOR THE FIRST TIME EVER IN MY LIFE and I spend more money on food than I do on clothes.

What makes you an adult? One of my friends says adulthood is having soy sauce in your kitchen and picking up your laundry from a dry cleaner. I think it's spending your Saturday night killing silverfish that decided to start a family on your doorstep and ordering a shoe shelf off Argos. Aged 20 and a half, it's time to admit that I don't know how to use my mum's phone and ipads scare me. I'm a grown up.

poniedziałek, 8 kwietnia 2013

R.I.P to my lense

Przepraszam za idiotyczną ostrość w zdjęciach, na których widać mnie całą - mój obiektyw umarł. Śmiercią naturalną. Rozpadł mi się w dłoniach (krótkie zdania są bardziej dramatyczne, nauczyło mnie tego ogladanie ostatnio gry o tron). Metodą bardzo dziwnego przykładania go do aparatu udało nam się zrobić te zdjęcia.

W nudnej kwestii szmat, które mam na sobie - dziwne, że jeszcze nie było tu tych spodni, bo odkąd je kupiłam noszę je co drugi dzień. I ogólnie, noszę spodnie. Co zresztą dość dokładnie przeanalizować można na moim instagramie .


Excuse me for that awkward focus on my legs in some of the photos - my lense died today. Died of natural causes. Fell apart in my hands (short sentences are far more dramatic, one of many things game of thrones has taught me). We somehow managed to take these using a weird method of just PRETENDING that it's all in one piece by holding it really close to my camera.

As for the boring What I'm Wearing part - it's really weird I haven't shown you these trousers before - have been wearing them every other day since I bought them and I'm not exaggerating, just check out my instagram.

piątek, 5 kwietnia 2013

It feels right to be back

Jeśli wyglądam na tych zdjęciach na zmęczoną i nieszczęśliwą to pewnie dlatego, że JESTEM zmęczona, nieszczęśliwa trochę mniej (wcale). Wstałam dziś o trzeciej nad ranem, a o 11:30 (plus zmiana czasu) byłam w moim londyńskim mieszkaniu. Do 22 (czyli teraz, tyle liczb, tyle matematyki) udało mi się już zaliczyć wyjście na pizzę ze stęsknionym za mną i Konradem współlokatorem, SPOŻYWCZE ZAKUPY ODPOWIEDZIALNEGO CZŁOWIEKA (czyt. z wykorzystaniem wszystkich moich kart lojalnościowych) i spacer z West Ken na Chelsea i z powrotem. Jak widzicie to życie na pełnych obrotach, a nie fakt, że moja twarz jest niefortunna sprawiło, że wyglądam jak wyglądam.
Ok, kogo ja nabieram...