sobota, 13 kwietnia 2013

what I like

There is actually so little things I like I came to a sad conclusion that I'm one of the most hateful and negative people that have ever walked on earth. As for the shallow side though, I KIND of started to like wearing trousers which puts me in AGAIN really sad position of not being so unique anymore and doesn't give me a chance to see this surprised look on people's faces when I say I do not own a single pair of jeans. I do now. Three pairs to be exact.

I'm not cool anymore. 2013 is a year of not-cool-Dagmara. I tried scrambled eggs for the first time. I TRIED CHEESE THAT IS NOT MELTED AND IS YELLOW AND HAS HOLES IN IT FOR THE FIRST TIME EVER IN MY LIFE and I spend more money on food than I do on clothes.

What makes you an adult? One of my friends says adulthood is having soy sauce in your kitchen and picking up your laundry from a dry cleaner. I think it's spending your Saturday night killing silverfish that decided to start a family on your doorstep and ordering a shoe shelf off Argos. Aged 20 and a half, it's time to admit that I don't know how to use my mum's phone and ipads scare me. I'm a grown up.

3 komentarze:

agatka pisze...

czułam to samo zdziwienie kiedy przeszedł mój hejt na spodnie, ale z czasem człowieka zaczyna cieszyć świadomość, że dzisiaj rzeczywiście wyjdzie z domu nie wciskając się w rajstopy. (teraz mam hejta na rajstopy.)

Natalia pisze...

okulary są absolutnie świetne

Kate G. pisze...

też mam te spodnie.
świetnie zestawiłaś, okulary są bombowe.