sobota, 29 czerwca 2013

Pretty Things, 4

After 6 years of serving me with pride, I think that my poor canon eos 400d is heading towards the end of its productive life and since the holidays have started already I can't really borrow things from LCF anymore. Hence the lack of content here. HOWEVER, I did manage to find some old pictures wandering on my boyfriend's laptop so here you go. Just some visually plausible stuff in no particular order.

Blood oranges are the most photogenic

Feet and flowers. How arty. 

Holland Park at its best. 

West Brompton cemetery AKA my favourite spot in West London. 

Baby duckling spotted near Regent's canale.

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stairwaytolondon pisze...

Trafiłam na Twojego bloga szukając... wzrostu Anny Della Russo, po czym odkryłam, że studiujesz kierunek mojego życia na uczelni mojego życia, więc mam zamiar zamęczyć Cię e-mailem z kilkoma pytaniami i błagam, odpowiedz mi na niego :<