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What's on my face + an update

Apologies for being such a terrible, ahem, BLOGGER last couple of months. There are some reasons:

a) My camera is 7(?)-years-old and we've had the time of our lives together but after the seven years of constant scratching, falling down and being all over in sand it's just not as good as it used to be. I add posts only when I have an access to my school's cameras and that gets more and more difficult closer to hand-ins.

b) I am a mental 40-year-old. I dream of Vitamixes and Kitchen Aids so, you know, showing you my outfits does not excite me anymore.

c) My final major project. The last three months have been really difficult, emotional and inspirational but finally, here is the taste of what's to come:

Having all of that in mind, I've come to the terms with the fact that I need a change. Like a PROPER change (and by me I mean my INTERNET CRAZY LIFE, not the real one, duuh) so starting late December be ready for something with more content to it. More quality image to it. More everything.

But for now, as someone asked me to show them my make-up collection and it gives me an opportunity to feel like a beauty guru, here you go.


Here's the thing about me : I love watching beauty vlogs but still feel stupid when facing spending more than five pounds on a lipstick. As a result, my make-up collection is pretty small and really, really basic - it's ok with me though as I am not a heavy make-up wearer. In majority of my pictures you can't even see I am wearing any make-up because:
a) For make-up to be visible in pictures it needs to be full-on and professional
b) I am photoshopping my face. Here, I said that, so sorry, but I tend to get MASSIVE dark circles under my eyes and my skin does not react well with every water/diet change so I am basically doing that for YOU, my dear readers. 
However, I do like a good glowy finish. I do like a bright lip and recently I am a sucker for semi-smokey, cranberry eyes so I have couple of products  I want to show you. Here we go.


If you want to really up your game, you really need some brushes - I am using the Real Techniques Core Collection that is pretty reasonably priced (I paid about 15 quid for these four on Amazon) and a really good starting kit for everyone getting into the beauty world. In the collection, there is a pointed foundation brush, really good for applying your foundation (oh, you don't say) AND applying your concealer, a small concealer brush that I use for doing my eyebrows (because I am a rebel), a buffing brush for powder and more natural look when using foundation and a ummm... contour brush? I have no idea how it's called but it's perfect for your bronzer. 

Now, the downside: Recently, my skin has gone completely crazy - stress, travelling, water and air in London, hormones, working out a lot, everything has just combined and as a result I get one breakout after another meaning I need to be extremely careful when using brushes. I disinfect them on daily basis plus wash them in a shampoo + conditioner mix every couple days. Just something you need to have in mind when being a teenager (or 21-year-old with a really bad skin) and considering buying your first brush set.


I like my foundation to have a proper SPF but at the same time not to be caky and just too heavy. That's what I like in Revlon's Nearly Naked and in my opinion it's just a perfect foundation for a young skin - it makes it look glowy, healthy and really natural. The best thing for me is the fact that it just adapts to your skin colour (at least in my case) so you don't have a problem with looking orange or too pale: having an orange skin tone (seriously, people ask me if I use tanning bed on daily basis. When I don't wear make-up. Well, guess I just have to thank my dad for this one) and trying to make my hair unnaturally bright (well, I've been a fake dark blonde recently), that is always a plus. For a slightly cheaper option, Rimmel's Wake Me Up works miracles as well! For the concealer, I use the Collection 2000 one (forgot the name and its packaging is in such state now I can't read it) hat all British beauty vloggers go crazy about - it costs four pounds and is ridiculously good and for the setting powder, I tend to go with Rimmel's Stay Matte, it does its job pretty well. 


Yes, I use eye shadow to make my eyebrows look brownish instead of just black. Kill me now. 
For my everyday make-up I usually use my Sleek Au Naturel palette and mix it up with this old and disgusting looking Rimmel's quadruple while also using Maybelline's Colour Tattoo pink gold as a primer from time to time. As my eyes are green I don't tend to put these Body Shop eye shadows on regularly because they simply look weird on me (hey, they are fashion week freebies, I had to include them in here) but they are good if I want to up my smokey eye game.  For mascara, I usually use something random, I have no idea how's the one I am using right now called, but I like it. 


My body used to change a lot but my face has always been just ROUND. Even now, being in the small division, I still don't have any cheekbones and look like a hamster. That is why I need some serious contouring and thank's to this Bourjois duo, I sometimes resemble a normal human being. The Delice de Poudre bronzer is reasonably priced and does it job amazingly. I love putting it all over my face in summertime and using it for a light contouring in Autumn/Winter, it suits every skin tone and just gives you a really healthy look. The Bourjois blush is a proper old school make-up item - I love its smell and I love a tiny brush it comes with. I tend to put it just on the apples of my cheeks. Right now, I am also using the cheapest cream blush ever - it's from Make up Academy and costed like a pound or two, it's not in the picture but does its job and is in a perfect, wintery, deep pink colour.


Oooh lips, lips, lips - I feel naked without a lipstick and use a lot more lip products than the one included in the picture but they look so disgusting I was ashamed to show them in public. From the left: 
-My favourite lipstick of all time, Chanel's Coromandel that I got as a gift and probably won't be able to afford myself in the next 20 years. It's just this perfect orangey-red colour that suits everyone and makes your teeth wither. I love the finish of it - matt but not drying your lips.
-Rimmel's Moisture Renew Rose Shimmer lipstick which is basically... a Rose Shimmer lipstick. Not going to lie, I BOUGHT IT IN A POUND STORE. I love its rich formulation that really moisturises your lips and it's perfect to just put on your lips if you don't have time for something brighter. The only downside of it is its smell - reminds me of an old lady perfume.
-Barry M's Lip Paint Black Cherry - a perfect, matte, wintery colour. However, the formula is simply shit - it takes me 15 minutes to apply it evenly on my lips, hence I AM ON A HUNT FOR A NEW DARK FESTIVE LIPSTICK. Anyone?
-Topshop's Brighton Rock - extremely matte and pigmented but also pretty drying, this is my favourite for the summer. Also, it lasts AGES. I know it's pretty disgusting but I bought it like two years ago and even though I use it regularly, there is still some left.
-Rimmel Apocalips in Nude Eclipse (?) - I am not a fan of lip glosses. this one is pretty good though. Really pigmented with a beautiful, lacquer-like finish, it is perfect for when I went a little bit crazy with my eyes. 

So yeah, here it is: my make-up collection. Sorry to disappoint everyone, I know you probably imagined something either a way more luxurious or a way more interesting. I am getting better at it though and if you have any advice/favourite products, share them with me. Or beauty vloggers although I sadly know them all. 

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Anonimowy pisze...

wow nice post, especially this part about foundation, because currently i'm looking for good foundation and as you probably know, is not that easy!

and what is your work out routine? how often do you work out and what kind of exercises or programms? do you see effects?


Dag'marre pisze...

currently, I am mixing pilates and other sculpting-type workouts with a bit of cardio - as I don't want to lose much more weight, just make my body look more fit&healthy, check out the Blogilates youtube channel, it is amazing!
As for the effects, I've been working out regularly for the past two years (6 days a week, min 40 mins) and managed to get to the uk size 6 in a year (right now I am just maintaining my size, allowing myself to be really naughty when it comes to eating sometimes) - however, I don't really know if I would recommend working out THAT much as it really messed me up mentally and put on the edge of exercise addiction (that's how I came up with the idea for my final major project). Start with doing things like blogilates 3 times a week and you'll probably see effects after a month or two :)

Sonja Lazukic pisze...

thanks for this post :)