sobota, 24 maja 2014

VLOG: Hampstead Heath + West London Walk

O-M-G GUYS I AM AN ADULT - I handed in all of my work and landed some major fashion-copywriting-translating job (calm down, it's a one-off thing, so no 9-5 for me just yet). Anyways, I have too much time on my hands - that's why I am back with a video.And back to looking like a human being again.

What's the video about? Nothing much really. Not so long ago I discovered that if I walk 10 mins to the closest overground station I can get to Hampstead Heath in 20mins - WHAAAT - so we celebrated our new, uni-free lives by going there and chilling with dogs and ducks.

Oh, and when it's even kind-of warm outside I have this sad thing of just HAVING to take a walk so the day after we just followed my new favourite running path - from Barons Court to Putney Bridge. Enjoy guys, tried to make it arty!

2 komentarze:

Anonimowy pisze...

Wiem, że to glupie pytanie, ale masz naprawdę przepiękny kolor włosów - wiesz może jaka ta farba, albo gdzie je farbowałaś? Super vlog ;)

Dag'marre pisze...

Hej, wydaje mi sie, ze to wynik miliona roznych koloryzacji, ale ostatni kolor, ktory mam na wlosach to John Frieda, chyba medium blonde ;)