piątek, 6 czerwca 2014


Hi guys, I'm back! And so is Summer so everyone seems to be in pretty hysteric mood.

I think I've spoken of it multiple times but it will NEVER stop to amaze me so worth noting once again - when it's more than 20 degrees Celsius and sunny, British people tend to go crazy and every job-stealing, non-educated, Eastern European immigrant (ME) does not have a choice but to join this countrywide hysteria. I'm speaking flip-flops, bathing suits, overcrowded parks, sold out strawberries and even "touch of sun" hair dyes being out of stock. If someone wakes up from a coma today, I am pretty sure they will be certain it's the last day of the world.

Anyway, joining the crowd, I went tanning on Hampstead Heath today and it was lovely, have to admit, that's kind of hysteria I like.

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ann pisze...

Dagmaro, czy jakkolwiek lubisz jak się do Ciebie zwraca, strasznie Cię lubię i zawsze jak widzę , że pojawił się nowy post na blogu, mam wrażenie, że dawno nie widziana koleżanka do mnie napisała;D Jakkolwiek dziwnie i gimnazjalnie to brzmi. Lubię Cię:)

Dagmara pisze...