piątek, 31 stycznia 2014

My London: Artisan

There are places you like for a coffee and there are places that somehow become a part of your life. Artisan is the second one and I don't remember how it was before I even knew this laid-back cafe in West London existed.

Ok, so Artisan is not THAT new, at least not in Putney where it is more of an institution for all the coffee lovers. However, the one I go to on a weekly basis, in Stamford Brook, opened just a year ago and since then nothing was the same.

I remember one of my friends telling me about this new cool cafe she discovered on her way from home to school and couple days later there we were - sitting and talking for three hours straight. Then I brought my boyfriend there and then, when hand-in time came, I started  going there alone. Just me, my laptop and work to do.

The thing about Artisan is, it is perfect for ANYTHING. Casual coffee break, working spot, breakfast place, catch-up-with-your-friends sort of thing. Their cake selection is AMAZING, coffee is unbelievably good (although I still think  Flat White in Soho makes the best coffee in London. Oh, and recently I tried Grind Coffee's long black and it was also really, really good), and a glass of iced detox tea is my sunny day favourite. They also have a spinning wheel - when you buy 8 coffees, you can either have one on house or spin the wheel and win something more exciting. I won a bag of coffee beans once. And a glass of tap water the second time which was embarassing for both parties involved.

Now, for the downsides. There is only one: it gets busy. One time I found a spot to sit on Saturday and nearly cried of joy. Artisan is full of people working from home (well, from a cafe, but you know what I mean) so even on workdays it is packed. Don't even think about Sunday brunch. Other than that, please, please, please, visit it when you're in the area! It's a four station tube ride from my home and I still prefer it over million places that are nearby (however, as for my neighbourhood, I can truly recommend C'est Ici, just next to the Barons Court station - OHMYGOD THEIR LEMON CURD MUFFINS).

Artisan Coffee
372 King Street

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