sobota, 22 marca 2014

Technically On My Spring Break

Starting today, I am officially on my spring break. Officially.

I still have three days of filming ahead of me, two of them outside London, some work here and there, shaping my final major project, and one day of working at a sample sale for 12 hours to pay off my bills. And then, on 9th April, I am coming back to my motherland, for a week without any editing software. Still haven't bought my ticket back though so if prices continue to rise I may as well get back to London in May. Scary. Anyways, here's slightly photoshopped (shadows under my eyes are bigger than the rest of my face I swear) me in Holland Park today. Have fun!

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Anonimowy pisze...

piękne buty! Skąd są? Pozdrawiam!

Dag'marre pisze... :)

Anonimowy pisze...

Dzięki! Szkoda ze dla mnie 'niedostepne' pozdrawiam szlagierka