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What I Eat Is So Amazing

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As a young woman, I went through all eating patterns available - starting from a rice cake a day, through SWIMMING in cottage cheese and 0% yoghurts, ending on two pb&j bagels for breakfast. Right now, I think I've finally managed to maintain the right balance so why not show it to you? Besides, we ALL love pictures of food, don't we?
Let's start from a tiny disclaimer - I am not trying to lose weight now - after what was a real ordeal of gaining a lot and losing even more in the first year of living in London, I slowly started realising how obsessive I'd become and transisted from rice cakes to actual food. Also, I train a lot (doing high intensity cardio and strength training six days a week) and I walk a lot (trying to reach 10 000 steps everyday) so I can let myself eat a little bit more than I should sometimes. And FINALLY, I try to make majority of my meals vegan but not because I AM a vegan ideologically. I love bacon and fro-yo but they are not good for you and they make you feel shit if you eat too much of them. And yeah, breaking news, eating a lot of meat and dairy is like smoking 10000 fags a day and can kill you. Great. We can't eat sugars, we can't eat protein, what CAN we eat?

Well, the truth is, we can eat whatever we want because our bodies are our business and I'm following this philosophy - I eat sugar, I drink coffee and sometimes I let myself to have a cheat day because hey, as Drake once famously said, YOLO (I'm using it as a joke so it's fine, right? It's IRONIC so I'm not one of those girls, right? Just wanted to make sure...).

Anyways, what we've all been anxiously waiting for - piccies of food! No, just kidding, not yet. Another thing before we start - I eat five meals a day: Breakfast, Snack 1, Lunch (and hey, I'm Polish so my lunch is like dinner for the UK people), Snack 2 and Dinner (or should I say "supper"? Cultural differences...) and sometimes, inbetween them, I would eat an apple or some raspberries. Oh, kill me.


Porridge is my lover. I make it with some plant milk (unsweetened almond is like a staple but I also like rice or oat milk), fruits, nuts and cover with honey or maple syrup.  Just take 3tbsp of oats, 3/4 glass of plant milk and half of an apple and boil it all together. Then add nuts, drizzle with maple syrup, add some peanut butter. Whatever.

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Apart from that, I am also a great lover of millet groats - it's a Polish quinoa, I'm telling you. For the one in the picture, I added some pear, dates and peanut butter but again - add whatever you like, be my guest.

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At the moment my life pattern is, well unpredictable. If I have time I usually blend myself a smoothie like this - ginger, cucumber, pear, apple and some raspberries. If don't, I buy a pack of dried frut, nakd (so a gluten&dairy free bar made of dates and nuts) or popcorn. In one of these pictures, I am holding a pack of dried crispy seaweed. It was expensive and disguisting. My boyfriend liked it though so whatever suits your tastebuds I guess.

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As I said - lunch for me is like a dinner for a regular Londoner, although sometimes I DO eat dinner for dinner - when I'm away from home for an entire day and living actual life. For this, my choices are really endless - I just  always make sure to add some legumes or nuts as a source of protein. I LOVE vegetables and I eat loads of them not counting calories or any other silly things.
Here, I have some roasted cauliflower with asparagus and potato puree that looks pretty unappetising (it's because I was too lazy and just blended potatoes with some almond milk) and rice with a vegan kale-almond pesto and a dollop of hummus.

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Well, dinner is easy for me. I just take all the veggies I have in my fridge and blend them with some water and an organic vegan vegetable stock cube and eat with 0% preservatives rye bread or a multiseed pita or just roast vegetables and again, eat with a slice of dark bread.

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And yeah, that's all. In the meantime I drink hectorlitres of herbal and caffeine-free green tea. I used to drink diet coke everyday but now I will have it sometimes, as a treat.

Sorry guys for taking you through all of that but food is the most photographed thing on the internet so I thought why not? To make up for this and show how sad human being am I, here's a picture of me just trying to take a selfie and failing miserably (k, just kidding, I just wanted to document my Michelle-Obama-tonned-arms-journey. Not even close):

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