wtorek, 4 marca 2014


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For my final major project, I've been working with some unbelievably strong women and by strong I mean both lifting-weights-strong and mentally-strong. It's been tough, liberating and inspiring in so many ways I didn't expect it to be.

Well, it also kind of forced me into wearing jeans + trainers or leggings + trainers combo every other day. Not so glamorous, I get it,  but at least I don't flash my panties to strangers while running around with my camera and filming another fitness personality. Also, hey, you can make it a little bit more glamorous - see the evidence to follow!

Again, yeah, I know and I admit - I own ONE COAT. One. But as my fashionable excuse I can say that it's made in England and kind of designer (well, it came with a big price tag, then went on sale, then on second sale, then I got it) so the shit is good and irreplaceable when it comes to changing every outift into "oh-I'm-a-young-professional" type. And I AM A YOUNG PROFESSIONAL. Kind of. Well. I finished writing my dissertation yesterday if that counts?

No to forget the most important - GUYS IT'S THE PANCAKE DAY. My favourite holiday in this godless country. I traded Polish doughnuts on Fat Thursday into wholewheat pancakes on Pancake Day. Mardi Gras. Whatever. Oh and let's mention that  when asked if I had any Lent resolutions I replied "Yeah, to get my arms tonned. Like, Michelle-Obama-toned", see? I am really inspired by people I work with!

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